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Gimelli E-Conomy

Don’t let the price of this bike fool you, it is packed with many of the features found on more expensive E-Scooters such as rear wheel lock anti-theft system.

MSRP: Coming Soon

Gimelli E-Classic

Sit on this retro looking E-Scooter, close your eyes and you can imagine yourself cruising down the Champs-Élysées in Paris or around the Coliseum in Rome.

MSRP: Coming Soon

Gimelli E-Mobility

Compared to other electric scooters, the Tomos Gimelli eBike offers a superior loading capacity. The E-Mobility is a great example of this with a capacity of 150kg.

MSRP: Coming Soon

Gimelli E-Voyageur

As its name implies the E-Voyager is ready to travel. With its alarm system and rear wheel lock anti-theft, standard luggage box and additional under the seat storage, this is the perfect E-Scooter for a trip to the store, carrying your books to school or your laptop to work.

MSRP: Coming Soon